TSM got started in 2006 after founder and owner Jeff Moran, a US Army veteran, experienced significant transitional setbacks after returning from overseas duty. He completed a multi-year intensive rehabilitation and re-employment plan sponsored by the US Veterans Benefits Administration.

Award photo related to completing meritorious joint military service with the Pentagon’s Joint Intelligence Staff (J2-Crises Management) and overseas with the Defense Intelligence Agency (Directorate for Operations) .
US Army Intelligence and Security Command’s 1995 feature article on innovative platoon-level tactical training led by then 2nd Lieutenant Jeff Moran. Article can be downloaded by clicking picture.
Recognition photo related to meritorious joint service as apprentice Intelligence Officer / Military Attaché billeted to the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and attached to the US Defense Attaché System, 1991-1993.

Since start-up, TSM has continuously evolved relevant and timely market-driven services in response to, and in anticipation of, changing business conditions and emerging opportunities. TSM’s evolutionary history consists of four phases of opportunistic functional and geographic adaptation:

  1. Marketing & Customer Management | 2006-2010
  2. International Advocacy & Research | 2010-2015
  3. Sustainability & Risk Management | 2015-2018
  4. Consulting & Venturing Services | 2018-Present

Specialized professional & technical services for precision manufacturing and building construction