Hennipen County, MN


TSM transitioned from an experimental sole proprietorship focused on local & regional marketing and sales services to an industry-oriented LLC leveraging Mr. Moran’s prior military, Big 4 accounting/consulting, Fortune 100 experiences, and professional network.

  • Engagements during this time were functionally focused on product marketing and sales, and related project consulting and research.
  • Partners included start-ups, small machine shops and retailers, and non-profit trade and sport associations operating in the broader small-arms & ammunition, hunting, and outdoor products and services industries.


Example deliverables from this phase are presented below. They are to illustrate some of the marketing and customer management oriented services provided to TSM’s partners during this phase.

Sample Article for Shooting Club Industry Association Publication

First published by NRA’s Club Connections Magazine.  Volume 14, Number 2.   September / October 2009. Page 26.  

The published article above was one of many written during this time. This particular article put forth a 3 part strategy for improving revenue and fundraising for non-profit shooting clubs and associations. It was an outgrowth from cooperative research among several clubs struggling with financial issues in the wake of the economic downturn at the time. Jeff Moran wrote this as the Managing Director of Target Sports Marketing / TSM Worldwide LLC and while he was Director of Marketing & Membership for the non-profit North Star Rifle Club, a Minnesota-based 501 (c) (3) dedicated to promoting competitive high-power and service-rifle marksmanship.   

Sample Recreational Shooting Club Newsletter

The newsletter above is an an example deliverable that showcases TSM’s marketing and administration service-line during this phase. The newsletter itself was available online and in print and contained original content in addition to typical newsletter material for a private club of this type. This particular publication features training videos and survey results produced by TSM, and illustrates innovative first-of-its-kind use of online administrative tools for planning and coordinating club activities among members.

Shooting Sports Industry Research (Video Presentation)

The narrated video summary presentation above details selected aspects of TSM’s 2008 Competitive Shooting Survey (CSS) project. This project was a first-ever systematic and in-depth examination of the US competitive shooting market as represented by the competitors in the US National Matches.

The CSS project was a cooperative strategic initiative with both the Civilian Marksmanship Program and the National Rifle Association’s Competitive Shooting organization. Jeff Moran, the CCS project director, was interviewed by online and broadcast trade press outlets at the time and the survey results eventually helped motivate competitive sports reprogramming and new outreach initiatives. Success in this collaborative work led to the formation of TSM Worldwide LLC in 2010 and strategic international projects based in Switzerland from 2011 to 2015 and then in the Netherlands from 2015 to 2018.

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