Pine County, Minnesota


In 2018, Jeff Moran repatriated to the United States as part of a strategic pivot to specialize in providing management and technical services for commercial and federal contracting.

TSM now provides strategy and operations management, consulting, government contract venturing/teaming, interim and project management, and related decision analytics services for precision manufacturing (e.g. with machine shops using CAD/CAM) and building construction (e.g. with mechanical contractors using BIM/VDC) as a federally-verified small business eligible for set-aside and other contracts.

For more information on the range of work we currently do in the building construction and precision manufacturing space, please read more about TSM’s projects and capabilities and have a look at some recent presentations below.


This presentation was prepared as an industry partner reference tool to prepare for anticipated new regulations for US Department of Defense contractors in the area of cybersecurity.
This presentation is a sample of process tools and methodology TSM Worldwide LLC uses to facilitate business process definition, measurement, analysis, improvement, and control work in response to challenges and opportunities presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specialized contracting and related services for building construction and manufacturing