North Holland, The Netherlands


TSM reorganized its international efforts into a sustainability services portfolio building upon the capabilities and relationships Mr. Moran developed researching, advising, and advocating while residing in Switzerland.

  • Engagements primarily entailed complex investigations, training, and other capacity-building designed to minimize risks associated with highly regulated international trade and complex international supply chains.
  • Partners were engaged in cooperative endeavors involving industry, government, and civil-society stakeholders highly motivated to improve corporate reputation and business outcomes through enhanced internal anti-corruption-, anti-money laundering-, sanctions- and trade controls-compliance; and risk analyses & assessment.
  • One line of work during this time was advisory and assistance to a selection of stakeholding members of the World Forum on Shooting Activities (WFSA), an official United Nations NGO recognized by the Economic and Social Council of the UN General Assembly.
Jeff Moran on break during the 2016 WFSA meeting in Nuremberg, Germany.

The photo above was taken during consultation meetings on the 20th anniversary of the WFSA. The WFSA is a global association of over 50 national and international hunting, shooting, and industry organizations committed to the study, preservation, promotion, and protection of the future of all sport shooting activities.


The following is a selection of some of the non-confidential deliverables created by TSM during this phase.

This publication was prepared as as an outgrowth of regulatory- and compliance-related sustainability work in anticipation of the 2016 American elections. It incorporates some work prepared separately for scenario modeling in support of strategic business planning. It was variously republished online in the industry trade press.
The online document repository above was prepared as a permanent online reference for researchers interested in a selection of hard to find or no-longer available primary source and archival documents related to the start-up and creation of the fraught International Small Arms Control Standards multi-stakeholder initiative sponsored by United Nations Development Program and the Office of Disarmament Affairs.

Specialized contracting and related services for building construction and manufacturing