TSM Worldwide LLC (TSM) is a boutique international strategy & operations services firm catering to  sustainability-conscious clients in the shooting, hunting, and outdoor recreation industry, and the defense and security industries.

TSM was founded in 2006 and helps firms improve their sustainability profile while reducing risks presented by, among other things:

  • International supply chains;
  • Regional political and economic instability;
  • Civil society advocacy campaign coalitions;
  • International multi-stakeholder cooperation; and
  • Transnational law and policy development processes.

We specialize in providing various discreet services.  Prior engagements have entailed:

  • Competitor business analysis and assessment;
  • Corporate strategy and operations planning;
  • Supplier, transportation, and logistics partner evaluation, assessment, and qualification;
  • International organizational advocacy,  engagement, and related research;
  • Special-purpose inquiry, contracting, and purchasing; and
  • Trade controls, anti-corruption, ethics, and other corporate sustainability risk remediation.

We are experienced working with governments, non-government organizations, and business clients in turn-around or otherwise challenging or sensitive situations.

Clients have included included:

  • Hard- and soft-gear designers, manufacturers, exporters/importers, distributors, and retailers;
  • Sporting and recreation services companies;
  • Private security services providers;
  • Maintenance, repair & training service providers; and
  • Non-profit international industry & civil society organizations.

TSM currently serves private companies with >$3M  (USD) EBITDA and assists others by special arrangement.

Specialty Services for Sustainable Ventures