TSM Worldwide LLC


TSM Worldwide LLC (TSM) is a business consultancy & service partner focused on providing market and non-market strategic services to firms competing in the international shooting, hunting, and outdoor recreation industry.

Our services fall under these process competencies:

●  Assessing and enhancing business performance.
●  Creating and implementing non-market strategies.
●  Entering markets and acquiring customers.
●  Improving decision-making with multidisciplinary research & analysis.
●  Reducing international business costs and risk.
●  Targeting and cultivating strategic alliances and partnerships.

TSM’s clients include start-ups, publicly traded firms, and non-profit clubs and associations.  Clients range from larger hard- and soft-gear designers and manufacturers, to  service companies, to retail store and internet & catalog sales companies to smaller private sports training facilities.

TSM’s collaborates with all clients to achieve goals through fact-based and data-driven service to shareholders, trading partners, customers, and other stakeholders.  Our collaborative approach extends beyond clients themselves, and may involve working with customers or trading partners. We work in non-market domains involving non-governmental organizations, policy-makers and regulators, academia, and the media as well.

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