TSM Worldwide LLC (TSM) is a boutique management consulting and external relations firm for sustainability-conscious stakeholders in the broader defense, security, and firearms industries.

Our expansive international network of consulting executive practitioners, specialized investigators, and business process experts enables TSM to deliver a range of perspectives, expert insights, and world-class capabilities relevant to the particular situation and expectations of each client.

As a result, TSM is uniquely positioned to help defense, security, and firearms industry clients minimize risks and maximize opportunities driven by market and non-market realities such as:

  • Rapid business growth or decline;
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and alliances;
  • Complex supply and distribution partner networks;
  • Political and economic instability or uncertainty;
  • Civil society advocacy campaigns and coalitions;
  • International multi-stakeholder cooperation; and
  • Regulatory, law and policy development process.

Sustainability, Management Consulting, and External Relations Services for the Defense, Security, and Firearms Industries