TSM Worldwide LLC (TSM) is an independent expert network service firm delivering strategic executive/owner coaching, counsel, and representation to established privately-held firms operating in the broader international shooting, hunting, and outdoor recreation space.

We know many such firms are increasingly affected by dynamics such as ever-evolving transnational regulation, opposition social activism, adverse lending and capital market developments, and unfavorable media scrutiny – everywhere and all the time.  We can also help companies respond to these growing pressures through our tailored approach to client service.

Corporate Development & Related CFO Services

  • Representing and advocating for capital seeking companies among investing and lending communities.
  • Negotiating and structuring mergers & acquisitions.
  • Upgrading and overhauling internal accounting and controlling processes.
  • Building organic long-run capacity to get the most from investment banking and lending officers.
  • Performing special projects (e.g. valuation, raising capital, forensic investigations, corporate development studies).
  • Devising and implementing restructure and turnaround initiatives aimed at maximizing cash flows.

Strategic Marketing & Non-Market Related Services 

  • Investigating and assuring the sustainability of trade and investment activities.
  • Assessing and enhancing business and product/service line performance.
  • Leveraging soft power and influence through networks and thought leadership.
  • Shaping the global rules of the game with international public-policy advocacy.
  • Improving decision-making and situational awareness with competitive, legal,  and other research & analysis.
  • Upgrading and overhauling internal marketing, risk management, and strategic planning processes.
  • Targeting and cultivating strategic alliances and partnerships.

TSM currently serves private companies with >$3M  (USD) EBITDA and non profit organizations by special arrangement.  TSM has worked with start-ups, publicly traded firms, and clubs and associations.  Clients have also ranged from the public sector to private sector and has included international trade groups, political action groups, larger hard- and soft-gear designers and manufacturers, service companies, retail store and internet & catalog sales companies, and smaller private sports training facilities.

Principled Advisory for Sustainable Ventures