Sustainability, as a business concept, has undergone a profound transformation in the past decade. TSM incorporates a contemporary, multi-dimensional understanding of sustainability into everything it does and endeavors to cultivate a similar ethos with its clients.

TSM considers the most sustainable ventures to be those that take the economic, environmental, ethical, and social implications of their work into consideration as a normal course of action, not an exceptional one.

Operationally, this entails:

  • Minimizing adverse impacts on the economic conditions of the company’s stakeholders and economic systems locally, nationally, and globally;
  • Minimizing adverse impacts on living and non-living natural systems including ecosystems, natural resources, land, air, and water;
  • Complying with applicable laws, regulations, and norms locally, nationally, and globally; and
  • Minimizing adverse impacts on the broader stakeholder community especially with respect to labor practices, anti-corruption, and human rights.

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