Fact-based Gun Policy Advocacy Resources

The following documents were published by Jeff Moran as part of his academic legal studies at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights in Switzerland.  Mr. Moran is also the co-founder and Managing Director of TSM Worldwide LLC, a Minnesota company.

1.  Executive Note: Death, Weapons, and the American Humanitarian Imperative.  This is a .pdf file that summarizes analysis of  the most recent FBI and CDC data related to gun violence and weapons usage, and societal impact.  It is intended for lawmakers and policy makers.  It is two pages of summary with 8 pages of detailed statistical exhibits.  The 6 February 2013 report highlights findings from  multiple methods of data analysis (e.g. using tables and charts to show relevant trends, ratios, and demographic impact).  It specifies implications and suggests priorities be less about gun availability and choice reduction, and more on  new and improved laws addressing undesirable resort to violence within American civil society.  The note uses relevant data to explain why policies to reduce gun violence must entail  targeting, tailoring, and customizing policies, outreach, civic organizing and engagement of the most at-risk individuals: black and white Americans aged 15-34 years.  This was produced as part of an ongoing academic research project.   Download here.

2.  Washington Times Commentary on President Obama’s Gun Policy Priorities.  This is a .pdf file commentary which was published on 8 February in the Washington Times.  It uses CDC data to suggest how and why President Obama’s top two gun policy priorities are one-size-fits-all and not rationally connected to the most compelling humanitarian problems posed by  gun abuse.  The author attempts to reconcile the President’s priorities with official data on the human cost of gun violence and concludes the Mr. Obama’s is off dangerously off-target.  The commentary concludes with the observation that Mr. Obama is being arbitrary, capricious, and is misusing his power in addition to wasting a golden opportunity to make a significant humanitarian impact.  Download here.

These documents are available for academic and non commercial use to promote fact-based public policies related to arms rights and reducing gun violence in the United States.