TSM is guided by the following business imperatives:

  • Obey laws.  Complying with all applicable laws is the foundation on which reputable business is built.
  • Have integrity.  Saying what you mean and meaning what what you say, this is the essence of integrity.
  • Compete fairly.  Offering and accepting bribes, or inappropriate gifts, is neither fair nor ethical.
  • Honor obligations.  Relationships are grounded in mutual trust, and confidence that one’s word is one’s bond.
  • Respect people.  Treating all people with dignity and professionalism is what respect is all about.
  • Safeguard assets.  Selfless stewardship of sensitive information, interests, and other business assets is non-negotiable.
  • Give back.  Good corporate citizenship entails advocacy, volunteerism, and charitable giving.

TSM values a multi-dimensional understanding of sustainability:

  • Economics.   Minimizing adverse impacts on the economic conditions of the company’s stakeholders and economic systems locally, nationally, and globally.
  • Environment.  Minimizing adverse impacts on living and non-living natural systems including ecosystems, natural resources, land, air, and water.
  • Ethics.  Complying with applicable laws, regulations, and norms locally, nationally, and globally.
  • Society.  Minimizing adverse impacts on the broader stakeholder community especially with respect to labor practices, anti-corruption, and human rights.

Specialty Services for Sustainable Ventures