The TSM story began in 2006. This was after founder and owner Jeff Moran, a US Army veteran, experienced significant transitional setbacks after duty and completed a multi-year intensive development plan sponsored by the Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Program of the US Veterans Administration. Since then, TSM’s services and geographic footprint adapted with its market orientation in response to ever-evolving conditions and opportunities.

Marketing & Customer Management | 2006-2010
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

TSM transitioned from an informal sole proprietorship to a limited liability company. The focus during this time was on product marketing and related project consulting for start-ups, smaller machine shops and retailers, and non-profit trade and sport associations operating in the broader firearms, hunting, and outdoor products and services industries.

International Law & Policy Services | 2011-2015
Geneva, Switzerland

TSM internationalized and adopted an industry and policy-oriented focus building upon its US relationships and leveraging Mr. Moran’s prior diplomatic and other international training and experience. TSM’s focus at this time was primarily strategic advocacy and research where the interests of governments, international organizations, trade groups, and civil society groups intersected: trade treaty negotiation, standards-setting, and industry governance.

Sustainability & Risk Services | 2015-2018
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

TSM focused on complex investigations and training aimed at minimizing sustainability risks associated with international trade and complicated supply chains. This involved cooperative endeavors with stakeholders in the areas of anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, sanctions and trade-controls compliance, and geo-political risk analyses & assessment.

Manufacturing, Engineering & Contracting Services | 2018-Present
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

TSM returned to the US to concentrate on advanced manufacturing process and technology, mechanical engineering services, government contracting and related skilled trades services. This work is mostly with privately-held machine shops, mechanical contractors, and government clients in the areas of management consulting, project management, and research.

Management consulting, project management, and research services for business and government