The TSM story begins in 2006 after founder and owner Jeff Moran, a US Army veteran, experienced significant transitional setbacks after returning from overseas duty. He completed a multi-year intensive rehabilitation and re-employment plan sponsored by US Veterans Benefits Administration.

Since its founding, TSM has continuously evolved relevant and timely market-driven services in response to, and in anticipation of, changing business conditions and emerging opportunities.

TSM’s evolutionary history consists of four phases of opportunistic adaptation. The driver for this has been the ongoing need for continuous corporate development and strategic re-positioning during this time of continuing technology- and globalization-driven industrial and regulatory transformation.

Phase 1 | Marketing & Customer Management | 2006-2010
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

TSM transitioned from an experimental sole proprietorship focused on local & regional marketing and sales services to an industry-oriented LLC leveraging Mr. Moran’s prior military, Big 4 accounting/consulting, and Fortune 100 experiences and professional network.

  • Engagements during this time were functionally focused on product marketing and sales, and related project consulting and research.
  • Clients included start-ups, small machine shops and retailers, and non-profit trade and sport associations operating in the broader small-arms & ammunition, hunting, and outdoor products and services industries.

Phase 2 | International Advocacy & Research | 2010-2015
Geneva, Switzerland

TSM internationalized and developed a multi-industry and policy-oriented focus leveraging Mr. Moran’s prior international defense & security multi-stakeholder experiences and professional network.

  • Engagements primarily entailed strategic representational advocacy and research where the interests of governments, international organizations, trade groups, and civil society groups intersected.
  • Clients were stakeholders engaged in or specially affected by existing and emerging formal and informal international lawmaking processes such as treaty negotiation, standards-setting, and industry governance body start-up.

Phase 3 | Sustainability & Risk Management | 2015-2018
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

TSM reorganized its international efforts into a sustainability services portfolio building upon the capabilities and relationships Mr. Moran developed advocating and researching while residing in Switzerland.

  • Engagements primarily entailed complex investigations, training, and other capacity-building designed to minimize risks associated with highly regulated international trade and complex international supply chains.
  • Clients were engaged in cooperative endeavors involving industry, government, and civil-society stakeholders highly motivated to improve corporate reputation and business outcomes through enhanced internal anti-corruption-, anti-money laundering-, sanctions- and trade controls-compliance; and risk analyses & assessment.

Phase 4 | Contracting & Venturing Services | 2018-Present
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

TSM currently concentrates on serving advanced manufacturing and specialty trades contracting market segments in the United States leveraging Mr. Moran’s relationships and opportunities cultivated while residing abroad.

  • Engagements are a mix of strategy, operations, and new venture projects focused on general and project management for technical service delivery, capital investment, and regulatory compliance associated with professional trade services in regulated specialty market segments.
  • Clients are exclusively privately-held precision machining and other specialty contractors, and/or government agencies, seeking to benefit from general and project management consulting, strategic partnerships, and/or associated research for manufacturing and building construction, controls, and service.

Management consulting, project management, and research services for business and government