We specialize in providing various internally-and externally-oriented and representational client services with uncommon discretion.  Prior engagements have entailed:

  • Competitor, customer, and supplier business analysis and assessment;
  • Consumer product line extension and associated marketing strategy planning and implementation;
  • Corporate strategy and operations planning and analysis;
  • Industry and market segmentation, targeting, and competitive positioning;
  • International organizational advocacy, engagement, and related research;
  • Sourcing, transportation, and logistics partner evaluation and qualification;
  • Special-purpose inquiry, contracting, and purchasing; and
  • Trade controls, anti-corruption, ethics, and other corporate sustainability diagnostic analysis and performance improvement.

This said, TSM does not posses licenses for certain specialized work such as importing, exporting, manufacuturing, and brokering of trade-controlled defense articles. Therefore, TSM does not participate in this sort of work without appropriately credentialled partners as required by law.

Sustainability, Management Consulting, and External Relations Services for the Defense, Security, and Firearms Industries