Our mission, ultimately, is to help clients more competitively, sustainably, and advantageously find and/or deliver the right products or services to their customers.

We accomplish this by simplifying the cultivation and maintenance of sustainable competitive advantage for clients in an age when doing so increasingly depends on active and assertive advocacy, engagement, and cooperation externally.

Our approach is to resolve tough challenges with a mission-based project approach to client goals or objectives. Such goals and objectives might include:

  • Collecting and analyzing hard-to-get internal or external data or information;
  • Identifying new customers and making market entry preparations;
  • Assuring the integrity of employees and trading partners;
  • Representing and advocating industry or company viewpoints in special negotiations or international multi-stakeholder fora; or
  • Shaping and anticipating the evolving industry governance landscape.

Our collaborative mission-focused and discreet approach drives us to customize our services in a way that is exceptionally attuned to client risk sensitivities in addition to strategic and operational needs and goals.

Sustainability, Management Consulting, and External Relations Services for the Defense, Security, and Firearms Industries