The TSM approach is to coach, counsel, and actively collaborate with clients.  Rolling up the sleeves; wherever needed; solving problems; getting tough work done well.  This is what TSM does best.

Unlike larger consulting firms, our client approach is outcome-based and value-driven.  TSM can team with clients to plan and to execute tactically, operationally, or strategically.  Our approach to problem solving follows a methodology where data drives decision-making; assumptions, linkages, and dependencies matter; external and internal factor analyses are relevant; and addressing organizational structure,  processes, technology, and individual stakeholders are elemental success factors.

TSM evangelizes best practices in business management, project management, research and analysis, product and brand marketing, and business strategy found in Fortune 100 firms and world-class consulting firms.

TSM conducts one-time or ongoing special projects as the client need dictates.  These could be very narrow in scope, broadly-scoped, and/or multi-dimensional.  Our projects not only target conventional corporate or marketing challenges, they target non-market challenges involving public policy-makers, non-government organizations, international and regional organizations, and the media for example.

In 2008 we transitioned to a 100% virtual office model to facilitate our work with clients and through our network of business researchers, analysts, and consultants.  This allows us to be more dynamic and responsive to client needs.   We can perform most of our services in the field through routine use of internet based technologies, which helps keep our fees competitive.

Principled Advisory for Sustainable Ventures